New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year. It’s a fresh start. Yes, planning never really ends for major events, but the holidays provide a short and necessary break. Even if it means not having as many meetings to attend or emails to respond to.

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself on two fronts. The first is to use more technology. Enough email and spreadsheets for managing events. I’m going to use Marcato Festival on two events this year and, if it works as advertised, all events going forward. I also plan to integrate DiaZam with Marcato to eliminate double-entry and get the most out of both solutions.

The second is to try and pick one aspect of each event and try something new. It might be a crazy-ass idea, but I don’t care. Time to shake things up and see what happens. I think if attendees know it’s just-for-fun and that they are part of the experiment, they’ll provide honest feedback and forgive me if it’s not a home run.

The new year isn’t just about personal changes. DiaZam will have some changes as well. We’ve learned a lot over the past two years and have been working on a new version with many requested features and options. We hope you decide to use more of our technology in the new year and, if you’ve never used DiaZam, maybe you’ll try something new.