Event Hangover

After any big event, there is a hangover. You get invoices paid, you’re looking over recap reports and feedback from attendees, and then it hits you. You simply don’t have the motivation to do another thing.

Thinking about the next year is exciting. You know there is a lot to do and you want to act while things are fresh in your head, but a comfy chair while binge watching Netflix is the only thing you can do.

Taking time to decompress must be part of the event schedule. Even a three-day weekend a couple weeks after the event can do the trick. You just have to make sure the phone is turned off and you’re not spending time with event co-workers.

If you’re not properly recharged, you’ll only start to resent what you do. This will only make it harder for you to do your best work. There is a fine line between feeling you must get back to work and missing your work. When you start to miss your work, you’re probably ready.