Before Computers

It wasn’t that long ago most business was conducted via mail and phone. I remember what a big deal the fax machine used to be. To see computers and then mobile phones become such an integral part of our lives has really been something.

I’m working on an event and finally got my hands on the print out of the architectural drawings of the site. The last edits to the site drawings were made in September 2002. Not that long ago, right? I asked the company that produced the drawing to send me a PDF. This was their response:

“The original map was hand drawn years ago on velum and edited through the years by hand; transferred from digital drawings that I would make after job site measuring. I would take the vellum and have bond copies made at the printers. I still have the vellum site map.”

I had to stop and think about it. The first drawing was done in August of 1991. It would be years until computers and software would be affordable and powerful enough for this to be done in any other way. Even though cost is no longer an issue, the old format remains.

I see the same thing when it comes to event layouts. Even though I was able to make Illustrator work when doing layouts and site maps, it was tedious. It took years before I finally thought it was time to develop something new. I hope that years from now, event planners will get an event site such as a CAD or Illustrator file and think, “Wow! I can’t believe this isn’t in DiaZam!”